MILKCHEESE – a product identical in taste to cottage cheese, for professional use in the HoReCa segment.

  • The basis for creams, which include cottage cheese.
  • Cooking cheesecakes cold and hot
  • Rolls: cold, baked, tempura
  • Snacks and cold dishes: canapes, sandwiches, bruschettas

 ✔ Delicate creamy taste corresponding to cottage cheese and moderate salt.
✔ Выдерживает термообработку:
• Preparation of hot rolls, baking on the product t 260-280°С
40-50 sec.
• deep-frying inside the product t 190-200°С
• baking cheesecakes until ready t 130-140°С
✔ Plastic consistency, thanks to which it is convenient to position the product or spread on bread.
✔ Retains its shape in the finished dish. Smooth cut when slicing.


– plastic bucket 0,9 kg

– plastic bucket with sealing 5 kg