Apple jam with flavors

  • Natural taste and preservation of qualities!
Produced from applesauce by boiling with sugar, with the addition of pectin, dietary fiber, citric acid and preservatives. All valuable qualities of the original fruit raw materials are preserved.
  • Resistance to mechanical stress!
Due to the plastic structure, jam is resistant to mechanical stress during mixing and dosing.
  • Thermal stability of at least 85%!
Thermal stability of at least 85%! Temperature resistance not less than 85% at 170-230°С.
  • For open and closed products!
It is used as a filling in open and closed products.

Apple jam with a dry matter content of 62%, 66%, 68%, 70% and a fruit part of at least 60%. Tastes: apricot, cherry, strawberry, raspberry, peach, lemon, orange, black currant, cranberry, wild strawberry.

Область применения:
  • production of candy rolls, cakes, pastries, cookies, gingerbread, waffles, sweets
  • production of pies, puffs, croissants, bakery products
  • production of gastronomic dishes and desserts
  • packaging and sale in pure form

Упаковка и сроки годности:
6 months at a temperature of 0°С to 10°С