Whipping Cream Ducatto 308

Vegetable cream for filling and decorating creamy confectionery products, developed by the specialists of the R'n'D department of the "Dukat" company, taking into account the economic ""turbulence"".

Increases 4.5-5 times when whipped
Stable for the entire shelf life of the product - does not liquefy and does not settle
An excellent base for multi-component creams - adding components from 20 to 100% by weight of the cream
Contains 26% fat

Cream - a layer of cakes, rolls, pastries
Filling - eclairs, choux, profiteroles
Decor - simple and complex elements
Desserts and ganache

Free from preservatives, trans fatty acids and cholesterol

The perfect balance of price and quality in a crisis!

2 "Bag in Box" aseptic bags of 10 kg, enclosed in a corrugated box

Shelf life and storage conditions:
9 months at temperatures from 0°С to +10°С and relative air humidity not more than 80%. After opening, store the product in the refrigerator for no more than 5 days.