MuSS Chef Ducat

UHT 1 liter
▲Ready-to-use mousse, no hardenin
▲Stable and plastic
▲Excellent taste and color

The cream is ideal for preparing mousse and soufflé products, filling semi-finished custards, wafer rolls, making cakes, pastries, rolls, desserts , creams, frozen cream products.

Mass fraction of fat: 16%
Colour: white
Taste: vanilla-creamy
Sweetness: sweet

Increase in volume when Whipping: 2 - 2.5 times
Whipping time: 6 to 12 minutes.
The structure of the whipped cream: dense, slightly stretchy, within 20-30 minutes. begins to stabilize, after the final stabilization, the structure of the cream becomes light-porous, when cut, it does not reach for the knife.

Packing: Tetra brik slim 1 l, 12 pcs. in a box
Storage conditions: at t from +0 to +10°C
Shelf life in a package: 9 months

The cream combines perfectly with other products
  • adding fruit and cream fillings up to 40%
  • adding to vegetable cream up to 10% (prevents cream cracking)