MuSS Chef Ducat

UHT package BiB 10 kg
▲Bright taste and the widest use in the production of cream confectionery and bakery products

Used for making mousse and soufflé cakes, pastries, desserts, serves as an excellent base for creams with various fillings.

Mass fraction of fat: 16%
Colour: white
Taste: milky
Sweetness: sweet

Increase in volume when Whipping: 2 - 2.5 times
Whipping time:  6 to 12 minutes
The structure of the whipped cream: dense, slightly stretchy, within 20-30 minutes. begins to stabilize, after the final stabilization, the structure of the cream becomes light-porous, when cut, it does not reach for the knife.

Packing: BiB bag 10 kg., 2 bags in a box
Storage conditions: at t from +0 to +10°С
Shelf life in a package: 9 months