Cream Chef Ducat Professional 1801

UHT 1 liter/10liter
▲Technological for lines with automatic decorating system — retains cream elasticity for a long time due to delayed cream stabilization.
▲The low nutritional value of the cream makes it possible to produce delicious and at the same time low-calorie cream products
Used for spreading and decorating cakes, pastries, rolls, for stuffing eclairs, profiteroles, custards, puff and wafer rolls, making chocolate ganache.

Mass fraction of fat: 26%
Color: white
Taste: vanilla-creamy
Sweetness: sweet
Milk protein: yes

Increase in volume when whipping: 3.0-4.1 times
Whipping time: up to 6 min.
Whipped cream structure: super light, elastic

Packing No. 1: Tetra brik slim 1 l, 12 pcs. in a box
Storage conditions: at t from +2 to +20°C
Shelf life in a package: 12 months
Упаковка №2: BiB bag, weight 10 kg, 2 bags in a box
Storage conditions: at t from 0 to +10°C
Shelf life in a package: 9 months

The cream combines perfectly with other products
  • diversify the cream to taste - adding fruit and cream fillings up to 50%
  • reduce the cost of the cream - adding sugar syrup 50% concentration up to 40%, adding boiled water up to 20%
The finished cream is resistant to freezing, suitable for the production of cream products: when defrosted, the cream on the surface of the products completely retains its properties and shape.