Cream Ducatto 101

UHT BiB 10 kg
▲Ideal for a wide range of gourmet dishes and creams.

It is used to prepare cream soups, sauces, juliennes, pastas and other gastronomic dishes. The cream goes well with fruit fillings, syrups, fermented milk products. When whipped, it is suitable for filling eclairs, profiteroles, wafer rolls, decorating cakes and pastries and preparing desserts.

Mass fraction of fat: 26%
Color: white
Taste: milky
Sweetness: unsweetened
Milk protein: no

Increase in volume when whipping:  5.3-5.5 times
Whipping time: up to 4 min.
Whipped cream structure: light, elastic

Packing:: bag in box 10 kg.
Storage conditions: at t from 0 to +10°C
Shelf life in a package: 9 months

The cream combines perfectly with other products
  • diversify the cream to taste - adding fruit and cream fillings up to 100%
  • reduce the cost of the cream - adding sugar syrup 50% concentration up to 100 %, adding boiled water up to 30%
The finished cream is resistant to freezing, suitable for the production of cream products: when defrosted, the cream on the surface of the products completely retains its properties and shape.