Cream Ducatto 301

UHT BiB 10 kg
▲Great possibilities for creating cream products, multi-component creams, thanks to the high percentage of absorption of additives.

It is used in the manufacture of cream products: cakes, rolls, pastries, for filling custard semi-finished products, wafer rolls, for preparing desserts, chocolate ganache and fillings.

Contains sugar - makes the preparation of confectionery more convenient and faster.

Mass fraction of fat: 26%
Color: white
Taste: ice cream
Sweetness: sweet
Milk protein: no

Increase in volume when whipping: 4.8-5.0 times
Whipping time: up to 4 minutes.
Whipped cream structure: medium-dense, elastic

Packing:  bag in box 10 kg.
Storage conditions: at t from 0 to +10°C
Sensitivity to changes t: sensitive
Shelf life in the package: 9 months

Крем прекрасно соединяется с другими продуктами
  • diversify the cream to taste - adding fruit and cream fillings up to 100%
  • The cream perfectly combines with other products syrup 50% concentration up to 75%, adding boiled water up to 30%
Ready-made cream is resistant to freezing, suitable for the production of cream products: when defrosted, the cream on the surface of the products completely retains its properties and shape.