Anabelle Curd Flavor

Anabelle Curd Flavor
Anabelle Cream with curd flavor

Delicate curd taste.
Thermal stability 98% - does not boil and does not crack at t 220°C.
Multi-function dosing – thanks to its plastic texture and short structure, it is suitable for automatic equipment and for manual molding.
Perfectly mixes and combines with all recipe ingredients of creams - fruit and cream fillings, marmalade, whipping creams, spreads, butter, margarine.

- for filling and baking in sweet butter cookies, muffins (cupcakes), sweet and Danish smaller pastries
- for whipping with creams
- for layers in rolls and cakes
- for filling croissants, donuts, Berliners
- for pasting two-piece cookies

taste - curd cream
color - creamy white
gloss - matte
consistency - soft, granulated (similar to soft granulated curd)
structure - short
mass fraction of fat - 5% and 9%, according to a product type
water activity - no more than 0.8%
DM content (dry matter) – no less than 50% (mj 5%) and no less than 65% (mj 9%)

corrugated box with polyethylene liner, 10 kg

Shelf life and storage conditions:
9 months at temperatures from 0°С to +10°С