Anabelle Chocolate&Rum

Anabelle Chocolate&Rum
Anabelle filling with chocolate and rum flavor

Bright taste of chocolate and rum.
100% thermal stability - does not boil or crack at t 180°С
Multi-function dosing – thanks to its plastic texture and short structure, it is suitable for automatic equipment and for manual molding.
Perfectly mixes and combines with all recipe ingredients of creams - fruit and cream fillings, marmalade, whipping creams, spreads, butter, margarine.

- cakes, rolls, pastries
- Danish and sweet pastries and sponge cakes before and after baking
- pasting of cookies and waffles
- filling for cookies
- filling for gingerbread, marshmallows, frozen pancakes
- in ice cream (core and in layers)
- in glazed curd bars (core)

taste - chocolate and rum
color - dark chocolate
gloss - glossy
texture - soft
structure - short
mass fraction of fat - no less than 9%
DM content (dry matter) – no less than 68%

corrugated box with polyethylene liner, 10 kg

Shelf life and storage conditions:
9 months at temperatures from 0°С to +10°С