Milk-containing product

A product that is as close as possible in taste and manufacturability to GOST condensed milk!

Application area:
  • for the manufacture of soufflé, iris, sherbet (in order to reduce the cost).
  • for flour confectionery products (kneading into dough).
  • for the manufacture of creams (perfectly mixed with butter, margarine, spread, vegetable cream).
  • for use in its pure form (greasing cakes, rolls, pastries).
  • for ice cream
  • cooking desserts
  • eating outside the product

taste: excellent taste of pasteurized milk with sugar.
color: white, light cream.
mass for fat: 8,5%
mass fraction of milk fat replacer: 50%
solids content: 73,5%
milk protein content: 5%
consistency: flowing, homogeneous

Corrugated box with polyethylene liners of 25 kg.

Storage conditions:
Store at a temperature from 0 °С to 10 °С and relative air humidity not more than 85%

Best before date:
8 months from the date of manufacture and packaging.